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 This meet up is for us to get together before the madness of the con. ^^. Once we come closer to the date I will post my number, so you all can get in contact with me so we can travel together so no one will get lost.

We will meet in front of the convention center at 1:30 and start walking to the Patissierie Poupon at 2. If you won't be able to meet up with us at that time please give me call at anytime so I can give you directions. This won't be a swap meet, however there will be one happening on Saturday. More information about the swap will be posted as time comes.

Patissierie Poupon
820 East Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21202-4702
Date: Friday July 29th,2011

If this interferes with the fashion show I will be rescheduling the time.

Feel free to get in contact with me on lj. I hope to see you all there. Tola ♥


The prices at Patiserrie Poupon are a bit high. Most of the cakes range at $6, while macaroons are .85. It's not bad but adding it up it can be. The pastries are delectable! Also to inform you we will be having a small picnic right next to Patiserrie Poupon due to the size of the shop. No worries about the blankets I will be providing them. There are also benches if you prefer to sit there. I hope all of you are excited to come!

Update: Time change due to interference with panels.

Time: 10-12 

We will meet in front of the convention center at 10 and head out by 10:30. I hope to arrive by 11 am so we can leave the Patisserie by 12-12:30. So we can all make in time for the panels. 

I can't wait to meet you all I will be filming the event so if you don't want to be filmed please mention let me know! ^^

If you want me number for in case you miss the group please feel free to pm and I will send it to you.

Much love darlings. <3

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