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List of Lolita Brand Blogs

I made a list of the Japanese Lolita Brand Blogs for my local Lolita Forums. Since I've been told it was the more complete they saw, I thought I could share it here. I'm sure it will be useful to some of you.

I'm totally aware that I probably missed some of them. Any addition is more than welcome. ^_~

6% Doki Doki
Matsuda Sebastian's Blog
Sho Girl's Blog

Algonquin Official Blog

Angelic Pretty
Maki and Asuka's Designer Blog
AP Fukuoka
AP Hiroshima
AP Kanazawa
AP Nagoya
AP Okayama
AP Oomiya
AP Osaka
AP Paris
AP San Francisco
AP Sannomiya
AP Sendai
AP Shinjuku
AP Shizuoka
AP Tokyo
AP Utsunomiya
AP Yokohama

Atelier Boz / Lapin Agil
Atelier Boz Shinjuku
Atelier Boz Nagoya
Atelier Boz Osaka
Atelier Boz Honten

Atelier Pierrot
Atelier Pierrot
Atelier Pierrot Harajuku
Atelier Pierrot Osaka
Atelier Pierrot Staff Blog

Baby the Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates
Baby Daikanyama
Baby Fujisawa
Baby Fukuyama
Alice Harajuku
Baby Hiroshima
Baby Kanazawa
Baby Kyoto
Baby Kumamoto
Baby Matsuyama
Baby Mito
Baby/Alice Nagano
Alice Nagoya
Baby Nagoya
Baby Okayama
Baby Omiya
Baby Osaka
Baby Paris
Baby San Francisco
Baby Sannnomiya
Baby Seba
Baby Alice Sendai
Alice Shinjuku
Baby Shinjuku
Baby Shizuoka
Baby Takasaki
Baby Yokohama
Baby Utsunomiya

Peace Now
Black Peace Now USA

Emily Temple Cute
Emily Temple Cute News
Emiliy Temple Cute Kyoto
Emiliy Temple Cute Nagoya



Innocent World
Innocent World Kobe Shop Blog

Juliette et Justine
Eurekaxx Blog

Lumièbre Blog

Mary Magdelene
Mary Magdelene Official Blog

Maxicimam Staff Blog

Métamorphose Temps de Fille
☆ The Diary of Metamorphose English Online ☆
Metamorphose Fukuoka
Métamorphose Harajuku
Metamorphose Osaka
Métamorphose Sannomiya
Métamorphose Sapporo
Métamorphose Tsuhan

Miho Matsuda
Miho Matsuda
Miho Matsuda Osaka
Miho Matsuda Salon 101

Milky Ange
Milky Ange Blog

Mille Fleur
Mille Fleurs News Blog

Putumayo Designers Blog
Putumayo Harajuku
Putumaya Laforest
Putumayo Sakae
Putumayo Shinjuku
Putumayo Tenjin
Putumayo Yokohama

Victorian Maiden
Victorian Maiden Press Room

For those who would like to have some brand blog Feeds on their f-list, there's a post about it by icecreambat from 2007 I found on EGL while making sure I wasn't posting any old content.

Brand blog feeds

Edit: Well, I didn't search hard enough. I just saw 9 posts below mine, heartsnspiders's yesterday post about Lolita Blog List, including a link to meiki's June 2010 post listing the Lolita Brand Blog.

Should I just erase this post? Or keep it since some Blogs address changed?

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