Duck (duckprincessa) wrote in egl,

Pinterest! Easy Wardrobes and Wishlists

Just wanted to share a little find with you ladies. I was wondering how I could make both a collection of my current lolita wardrobe as well as craft a wishlist that would be a little more intuitive than listing items out by name or collecting them on Amazon. I wanted to be able to see all my items at once in order to do visual comparisons as monetary ones.

So, I found Pinterest. While this site can be used in a manner similar to Tumblr or WeHeartIt, it's also very well suited to listing clothing items. (Or any kind of wishlist, really.) You can "pin" the picture of an item you want, and then tag it with price as well as whatever else you'd like. I personally tag the price, type of item it is, the brand, and the colorway I'm interested in. Here's an example of my wishlist. Could use it to keep inventory of items you already have as well, and show off your items.
Didn't mean to sound like an advertisement, but I thought you ladies and gents might appreciate this.

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