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Cos&Effect fashion show in Vancouver, BC- Looking for models!

Hi guys!
So there's going to be a lolita fashion show at Cos & Effect convention in Vancouver, BC and we need models!
purinyappykura and I are going to be the primary organizers. We're looking for representatives of all the styles.
What we'd like to know is:
-What outfits/styles you can do
-Can you do your own makeup and hair, and possibly help other participants if needed
-Whether or not you have anything you'd be willing to loan us to fill out the show (clothes/wigs/accessories/whatever)
-Things you might need

Please contact us at this address:

Using this form: 
Desired style(s):
Outfit description(s):
Can do own hair/ wear wig:
Can do own makeup:
Can help others with makeup:
Items you might be willing to loan out:

And we'll review your application and get back to you!

Thanks <3


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