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The Most Indecisive Lolita

I'm going to start saving up money for an order from Bodyline to start my lolita career off. First, though, I'd like to know if anyone would be kind enough to help me make a few silly little decisions (I am incredibly indecisive... I stand in the Walgreens candy isle for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what I want, as if it's a major life decision!). Here are some pictures to help you, help me, in making decisions.

First, what should I choose as my main, "default" colors? I was thinking blue and black, blue and white, or black and white. I have lots of black tights and I think black and white looks very elegant, but blue would also be very cute. Could I just do blue, black and white?
Second, I know my hair isn't very loli. At all. I'm just not sure what I should do with it though. Help? (Baby you're a lo-ost cause...)
Third, what do you all think about mixing loli with other trends? Like punk-loli, or maybe even ska-loli? Rudeloli?
I think these are all silly things to ask about advice on, so I apologize for being a bit ridiculous. I just have one last thing.
I'm going into 10th grade, and I go to a school in the Bay Area where kids from Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and everywhere else go. Very big variety of kids. I'm nervous about them making rude comments or teasing me. (My mom has a quick wit, and always tells me to stand up for myself, but I always forget what to say when the time comes.) Any advice?
Sorry for this being so silly ^_^;;
Any answers, advice, or feedback in general would be grrrreatly appreciated! 
(Also, I apologize if anything is confusing or spelled wrong. I'm basically a zombie right now. Soooo tiiiiired)

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