chaoskitten_df (chaoskitten_df) wrote in egl,

Hoopskirt/Crinoline question.

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has made a boned hoopskirt/crinoline before?
Like the one here: or here:
I want to make one but I'm unsure how long to make each length of the boning.
I ran a search on google and on here but I couldn't really find anything that answered my problem. Is there a particular calculation for it?
If it's any help, it will have 3 hoops and I have a 25 inch waist.
I've also posted to sew_loli but I thought I might have more luck here since I came across posts about them (just not about this particular thing).

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks! :)

(Tags are not working for me I'm afraid)

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