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open for nominees: The Lolita Fashion Awards Spring/Summer 2011

Wouldn't it be fun to do a awards poll to commemorate the best things in Lolita for the season?
Like The Emmy People Choice Awards but for lolita.

Spring/Summer 2011 Lolita Fashion Awards:

Nominations ends August 10
Voting Begins August 15
Winners reveal Sept 1st

Let's have some fun:
Please nominate items for each catorigies.
the top 4 nominees ( the items that had the most nominations)will be up for voting on August 15.  
feel free to write why you pick them also and it would be awsome if you can also paste a link to the image from or or other sources

-You can only pick items that were released from March 1st 2011 till August 2011.
-You can only consider items that are in the guideline of lolita fashion
-in cases of ties, I will list both as choices
-you do not need to own the piece to nominate for it
- I am including all lolita companies and not just brands
-have fun

Spring/Summer 2011 Lolita Fashion Awards: 
take the Nominees survey 

PS: Help me come up with a better award name ! 

Also I welcome any suggestions.


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