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Malco Modes 580 Petticoat/ Promenade Dance Shop Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing a malco modes 580 petticoat, as well as the company I bought it from Promenade Dance Shop. There doesn't seem to be much on 580 on egl, the 582 is more popular I guess. I'm hoping this review will help people make an educated decision, unlike me who bought blind XD

The petticoat itself feels wonderful. Light and fluffy like sitting on a marshmallow! I bought the small, as I wanted a longer petticoat. If you would like a more cupcake/traditional Lolita shape I would go with the petite which is shorter. The petticoat I bought was 21 inches long.



* Chiffon petticoats are more likely to stay poofy.
* The material is soft and not scratchy like tulle can be
* I like how there is a pretty lace hem, I can have it peak out on longer dresses.


* The 580 is not as poofy as I thought it would be, I kinda wished I had gotten the poofier model
* The chiffon really shifts around the waist band. It gets caught between my legs and makes me feel like a man : /




As far as promenade dance shop goes link my experience was meh. It took MONTHS for my petti to come. When I contacted the owner she said they were waiting to have the petti in stock. She was kind, and offered me a refund. But I'm patient and decided to wait. Personally though, I really think promenade shop should have listed the item as out of stock. Its not really fair to those purchasing who have no idea how long they may have to wait for there item.

I have pictures of the petti worn on me in this post:

If you have any questions about this petti, feel free to ask in the comments and I will answer you :)
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