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Wigs ?

So i've spent the last 5 years trashing my hair with bleach and dye.
honestly, i've been dyeing my hair since i was probably around 10,
starting with streaks and whatnot.

anyways, at 13 i discovered the unnatural colours =P
long story short, i could never make up my mind,
and my hair has never grown past my shoulders due to damage xD

i'm tired of the constant killing, and i want to keep my hair black and grow it out.
BUT i'll get tired of it and want platinum, gray, pink, blue, purple, etc.

i'm sure this question has been asked before but maybe there are new brands ?
what are your favourite wig brands ?
quality vs price, natural vs synthetic, easiest websites to buy from ?

if this post isn't allowed, i apologize, and feel free to delete.
thankiies lovelies ! <3

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