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Paypal's Questionable Business Practices?

While stumbling about the Internets today, I came across this interesting article: http://lifehacker.com/5821634/why-you-should-ditch-paypal-and-use-these-other-services-to-send-people-money

It got me thinking of just how dependent on Paypal I am. The majority of my Paypal transactions are lolita related, simply because it is usually the only option available when it comes to buying lolita. However, this article got me a bit concerned. Granted, I could "stop buying lolita" but for me that's not a very viable life decision to make in terms of self.

I can see why most if not all of the lolita community uses Paypal to make transactions. Their buyer protections aren't too shabby, they're quite reliable, etc. But is it the best? Or is it a risk we'll have to and probably continue taking?

On that note, has anyone here had Paypal horror stories for a lolita transaction? I know there was a case years ago in which some scammer would inflict chargebacks on sellers after she received items and Paypal kept ruling in her favor despite overwhelming evidence.

Any more thoughts? I figured it was a good idea to let people take a look at this since a lot of people here have a Paypal account.

QUICK EDIT: Whoah, a lot of intelligent replies already. Good to see people keep track of their finances. Quick clarification though: I'm not trying to talk anyone out of using Paypal. I would just like to see if the major downsides of Paypal have ever affected anyone here.
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