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Need "Size Information" about clothes, Please.


Hi ! =D

I'm new to this community, so Happy to meet you ! ^^

I ask for your help about the size of some clothes. I would like to know if they will fit me or not. So I make :
Bust = 98 cm
Waist = 80 cm
Height = 166 cm

I would need to know the exat measures (Bust, Waist, Lenght...) of thes clothes :

- One Piece Milky the fawn (Angelic Pretty Replica)
- Sweet no Rococo Skirt (Angelic Pretty Replica)
- Merry Sweet Castle Skirt (Angelic Pretty Replica)
- L251 Ice cream JSK (Bodyline)
- Miracle Candy Skrit (Angelic Pretty Replica)
- L290 Heart Ballon JSK (Bodyline)
- Melody Doll JSK (Angelic Pretty Replica by Bodyline)

I ask that because, a long time ago, I had buy a Skirt from Bodyline. On the website, the skirt was 86 cm Waist, but when I received it, It was impossible to fit on me (and I was 80 cm waist ! ).

Ps : Sorry I don't have pictures of the clothes, I only see them on ebay and bodyline and I have didn't keep the pictures. =]

Thanks you very much for you help ! =D



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