Lauren, "The Saddest Maiden" (velvet_grey) wrote in egl,
Lauren, "The Saddest Maiden"

Casual Aristocrat?

Me again. :3

I'm not wearing lolita very much lately, but that's only because I've decided to "graduate" to aristocrat (Yayz! lol). I love the mystery and the drama of it, however sometimes I think at times it can be too other people (ie. my mom); Plus with the summer months, puddles, teenage ruffians, etc. it is a little hard to go all out.

Any tips on casual aristocrat? :O The only idea can think of off the top of my head is a "Corp-Goth" ensemble. Sounds like a good idea if I was actually working in an office  subtly creepying out all of my "normie" co-workers (lol) or going to an interview, but that isn't EXACTLY what I had in mind.


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