littlekobaby (littlekobaby) wrote in egl,

Aristocrats, Punks, Goths, Dandies...Wanna Write a Guest Post?

Hello, I am a former Sweet Lolita who has recently taken an interest in Aristocratic, Gothic, Punk and Boystyle, and want to share my new obsession with the world. I must admit that I myself am just beginning to work on my own wardrobe, so I was hoping some of you more established folks might be interested in writing a guest blog post. Tutorials, outfit posts, make up and hair ideas, shop reviews, coordinating tips, anything would be helpful. So any fabulously dressed person who wants to promote themself and their style (I am hoping all of this fits into the theme...) please contact me! I deleted my old Sweet Lolita/Gyaru blog but you can see my rather bare bones new one at . I am looking forward to hearing from any of you who want to do a post!

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