Riuris (aonele) wrote in egl,


 I saw in my Facebook ads the other day an ad for a site called "goth-loli.net" Anyone heard of it?

At first I thought it'd be another clone of Milanoo. But then I saw that the photo the ad uses seemed to be Original Content (read: gee I've never seen this photo before), so I decided to click on it and check it out. 
Now that I look at it...it actually seems like a Japanese version of EGL? Lol. From what I can see using Google Translate, it's got a bunch of pictures of Japanese people in lolita clothing. And they're not photoshoped to death, either! Well, at least they're not photoshopped to the point where they look like they're brand store models. They look like photoshoots you might find on EGL!
Plus they have brand items database as well, much like our beloved lolibrary and hellolace. 

After a quick search on EGL I couldn't find any post about goth-loli.net, so I'm posting here and wondering if anyone knows more about it? Is it a Japanese version of EGL, as I suspected, or something else entirely? How new is it? Who is it owned/run by? etc.

And if this has been brought up before, I'd appreciate a link for the old post for it :P Thanks!


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