stephanie ♥ (cadney_chan) wrote in egl,
stephanie ♥

Lolita Event at Atomic Lollipop in Toronto

There's a brand new convention going on in Toronto at the end of this month called Atomic Lollipop, and I thought I should post about a particular event they've decided to hold that's pertinent to lolita fashion.

It looks like they're hosting a Canada's Next Top Lolita runway competition. There isn't too much information posted about the specifics of this event, but they do have an entry form for those who might be interested in participating.

I would say this'll be a relatively small con since this is just the first year, but nevertheless, it's exciting that they're putting a strong emphasis on fashion right off the bat! So if any lolitas are going to be in the Toronto area on July 30th, please consider coming out and participating in their event. :) It should be really fun!


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