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LadyLiddy Bustle Skirt commission review~*

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I found LadyLiddy Fashion from a sales post on Forums [link], where she sold her handmade skirts along with other sales. I was immediately attracted to her high-waisted bustle skirt, and decided to commission a set of an overskirt and a chiffon underskirt in black :)

Timeline of order:
June 05 - June 09 : Found her post, asked some questions about fabric choices, discussed order details. I also let her know that I'd be able to pay final amount by end of June so there is no hurry with the order.
June 09 : Paid the invoice for a 50USD deposit
June 29 - June 30: Skirt is done, received sample photos, discussed shipping options
July 4 : Paid final invoice
July 10: Received skirts :)

Items 5/5

The skirts were shipped nicely in a box. I had to track them down because she forgot to write my name, but I managed to find them~

She wrapped them up really nicely :)

And here I just tore into the package lol

Overskirt: front

Overskirt: back

Underskirt (actually has front and back but I forgot to take photos)

Detail shots

Unfortunately the zipper ate into the chiffon fabric the first time I tried to zip it :( I mentioned it to her and said that I didn't mind too much since it's partially my fault for not being careful, and she immediately offered a 15% off my next order =D

Pics of them worn~ Please excuse the fact that I wasn't wearing socks/thighs :/
*EDIT* Forgot to mention that I'm wearing a Kidsyoyo A-Line petti under them :)

Service / Communication: 5/5
She is always polite and friendly, replies to messages quickly, and provides extra photos/information when requested. She seems to be the type of seamstress who cares about her customer's satisfaction; she asked for detailed measurements and let me know when my measurements seemed a bit off, had a 20-day return for refund policy, and offered me the 15% discount :)

I paid a total of 152USD (140 USD total price for skirts, and 12 USD for shipping in a box) and I am very happy with the skirts and the service I received. I am already planning to commission a JSK from her ^^

If you'd like to contact her:
[Her sales post]
[Her blog]
[Her Etsy]
She also goes by littleliddy on LJ
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