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Looking for Pictures and information

I am doing a panel this summer at AnimeIowa for beginner lolitas. There are two things I want to include in it. I want to show pictures of Lolitas getting it wrong, this isn't for making fun of anyone (and it can be staged as well) it is to show that all lolitas make mistakes. What I need though is pictures of your fail lolita outfits. These can be staged (and if you have one of how your corrected the outfit that would be glorious as well) but they have to be of you and owned by you with permission for me to use it.

The other pictures I need are more style specific so I can show some examples. Again all they have to be is owned by you and of you (or have the permission of other people in the picture for me to use it)

OTT sweet
Theme outfits that are very well done
Kodona/boy styles

Also for the information I need, this is a questionnaire for brolitas. I must ask that it only be answered by men... This is specifically information I am trying to give any men that might come to the panel. You don't need to answer all the questions, just the ones you feel comfortable sharing. Feel free to send me a PM to answer the questions. If you are also willing to share a picture of yourself in lolita that would be pretty awesome as well.

How did you get into lolita?
If you were going to a panel for beginner lolitas what would you like to know?
Any special tips or advice for new brolitas?
Any tips about talking to friends or family about it?
Common misconception you would like to clear up about brolitas is:


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