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Another IW lucky pack post

My Innocent World lucky pack A (the 52500 yen version) shipped on July 2nd, and due to a major US holiday, arrived on July 5th.  I, unfortunately, was on vacation at the time and did not actually get to look in my lucky pack until yesterday! 

Over-all, I'm pleased with what IW included.  Not all of it is my style (or size), so much of it will end up on the sales community, but this pack has a good assortment and for the most part, the items are well-matched to one another.  It seems as if almost everyone who ordered Pack A received the same items, which is a bit disappointing.

None of these items came with their tags attached.  I do not know if this is typical of IW's LP items, as this is the first LP I've purchased from them.


Blue JSK:

Off-white short-sleeved blouse:

Ivory x Pink heart skirt:

Natural "linen colored" bolero:


Pompadour JSK:

Flora JSK:

Dusky Rose blouse:


I received 3 JSKs, 1 SK, 2 blouses, 1 bolero, 1 headbow, a salopette, and 2 pair of socks.  According to a tiny scrap of paper I found in my package detailing the items and their costs, everything total is worth 135000 yen (approx. $1674 USD) and the pack originally cost me 58000 yen with shipping (approx. $720 USD)
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