Sleeping Princess Syndrome (idreamofjv) wrote in egl,
Sleeping Princess Syndrome

Thrifting Lolita in Japan

I plan on visiting Japan (Primarily Tokyo) near the end of the year (Either October or December) and I would like to do some thrifting when I am there.

I know the memories post for shopping in Japan covers the Gothic & Lolita store and Closet Child, but I'm curious about the odds of finding lolita and lolita-able items at just a regular thrift store. I'm finding it hard to find resources about thrift stores in Japan, in general, so do any of you Lolitas who live there have any suggestions? I heard that Japanese thrift stores tend to actually be over-priced, but I don't know if that's completely true or not.
I'm not only looking for strictly lolita items, but just anything cute that could fall into the categorizes of fairy kei, casual lolita, and what not...

While on the topic, how are the prices at stores like Spank!, Closet Child, and Gothic & Lolita? I'll probably have a restricted budget while there and wouldn't like to pay more than $20 USD for a shirt or roughly $60-$80 USD for a skirt... I know that sounds like very little, but I am going to be with my frugal boyfriend and he will freak out at the very notion of spending even $20 on a shirt. lol (Of course, if it is cute enough that trumps his frugality. lol)

Thanks in advance! :)
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