sleeper (muishiki) wrote in egl,

Help looking for a certain dress

Hi egl, I need a bit of help; I'm looking for a certain dress.

A friend of mine recently fell in love with a dress she saw on "some website" (meaning OTL no original size picture), and asked me if I could help her make this dress. It's this one here:

Unfortunately, I'm not all too familiar with sewing lolita items, and from this teeny tiny can't-see-any-kind-of-detail picture, I can't tell what certain details would be like. I don't want to BS details on something like this and make it look like a milanoo reject, so I'd really appreciate any bigger pictures, or even links to where the original can be found.

Also, as I haven't had much experience in making lolita items, any pointers from you experts would be gratefully received. :D

Thank you!

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