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Meta Skirt Lucky Pack 2011

I have finally receive my Lucky Pack. I ordered it at 4:20am on June 24th. I was one of the first to order them but because of the strike I was not able to get it till now. I couldn't find my camera plug so I had to resort to using my laptop built in camera, but here is the unveiling of the luck pack. 

*SPOILER* [highlight]
Skirt: PERFUME BOTTLE~ so keeping that
Bloomer: I got a white pair and to my surprise a black pair as well
Cutsew/Blouse: I was hoping for a sheered blouse, i actually like those thing but got a cutsew
Jewelry: Not my favorite meta jewelry i received but it's cute
Tote: Candy house print? wow thats old~ like 2008 and they still have fabric, although it's really pretty
Hand towel: I'm not feeling the knickknack i will probably sell it 
Bag: I didn't care which colour i got cause both colour i can work with~

Overall I'm pretty happy. I might sell a few things but definitely worth it :P

Past Lucky Pack
Meta Summer 2010 -JSK LP-
BTSSB Winter 2010 -LP-
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