Noirabu (noirabu) wrote in egl,

Classical Puppets bell shaped petticoat pictures?

OK so this is kind of a bizarre question so I'm going to explain why I am asking for the pictures i am.

I have for the most part only owned a-line lolita dresses since i am much more into classical and gothic than sweet. but i am ordering an ap replica and well i guess its time for a bell shaped petticoat. normally i make my own but i had planned to buy one this time for the fact that i have never made a bell shaped petti before and couldn't really find a satisfactory tutorial on how to do it.

but ya know sometimes crap just happens

the money i was going to use to buy it may not be available anymore. but i still don't want to have a dress without the right petti so i went back to my starting ground and decided i would just make it. thats where i need your help. I'm not exactly sure how the layering works on a bell shaped petti. i want to model the one i am making after the classical puppets fluffy bell shaped petti but first i need pictures of the inside of the petti.

so if anyone owns this petti, do you think you could take a few quick pics of the layers/ anatomy of the petticoat? ((basically lift up a few layers and take a few pics? unless they are all the same in which case i would only need one lol)) It would be greatly appreciated!!

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