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FanPlusFriend Comparison Purse&Petticoat Review

Hello, everyone~ I'm Hime Fairylix. You can call me Hime, or Fairy, haha, anything that suits you. This is
my very first entry on EGL, and on LiveJournal altogether, so please do forgive me if it's a little
disorganized, or if I tend to ramble.

So the following is my comparison review of two separate pieces of Fan+Friend lolita merchandise, one of
which I am extremely pleased with, and the other, well, not so much. I am also going to include another
small bonus item in relation to one of the main articles being reviewed.
After a friend of mine, choco_kittychan posted an entry reviewing a blouse she had purchased on F+F,
http://egl.livejournal.com/17514255.html, it became apparent that one of the many commenters must have
 been affiliated, in some way, with FanplusFriend due to their knowledge of the merchandise, shipping,
returns and other such information you would expect and employee to know. I won't dig too deply into that
subject, though, for those interested, she has another entry here, explaining the issue in greater detail;

Since it's become rather obvious that F+F is doing what I consider to be a very intuitive move on their part,
surveying the posts on EGL in order to get an idea of their standing amoungst the fans, and their cosumer
market, I've decided to put my review up of two very different FanplusFriend pieces that I own hoping that
I, too, may reach an employee of FanPlusFriend with my concerns.

So I will start with the bad.

Just before Christmastime a friend of mine ordered for me a purse I'd had my eye on for over a year at
that point. It was the very last remaining in stock so I was very pleased when he was able to get it for me.
Fanplusfriend had let us know that there was a small stain on the purse, and gave us a small discount
because of this, but it was hardly noticable so I didn't mind that at all. I had my purse. Et voila, brand new
purse, lookin' fine.


 Do /you/ see a stain? I sure don't. It looks fabulous!

It didn't take very long for the problems to start, though. The very first day I wore the purse on my arm I
noticed that it was absorbing the ink off my winter coat. I'll let that one slide, since it could have been the
coat's fault, for all I know, but, either way, the straps were quickly becoming stained. Another problem that
quickly became a nuisance is that the bow constantly came undone. I don't know why FanplusFriend didn't
think it wise to sew the bow in place. Did they think that people might want to untie the bow and re-tye it in
 a sailor knot or something? Highly doubtful! I can't remember how many times I had to re-tie that bow...

And then, a week or two in, I noticed that the straps were beginning to tear where they are sewn to
the bag just under the heart-shaped patches. My friend contacted F+F immediately, but they weren't going
to do anything about it. He got no additional refund or replacement. I purchased some proper sewing
equipment at a store nearby and attempted to mend the straps myself, but no luck, the way they are sewn
in under the patches was too awkward for me to get in at it. The straps continued to tear off, strand by
strand, which made me look terrible, by the wat, to carry around a falling-apart purse, until eventually,
about 3 months later, one of them gave way. Walking home with a single-strap purse hanging lopsidedly
off your shoulder is not fun.

I did the best I could to salvage the bag. There were some metal hooks inside the bag that I attached a
light chain to and began using that as the shoulder strap, though all it took was a few days and the metal
clap tore clean from the body of the purse. It had actually been popping out of the metal edges quite a few
times before then, but I had been able to tuck it back in, though, eventually, it ripped right off, and there
was no more to be done for my poor purse.

And so here pursie is today. :c

I find it's a little easier to see how the lining and clasp have completely separated from this angle.

And here's a close-up of the front to show you the little bits of string from where the handles tore off.

I think the purse was something like 65-70$, altogether (this is including the shipping). I always took great
care of it and was only able to get about a month of usage out of it before the purse began to break, and
now is utterly unusable after less than half a year. Which is, you have to admit, pretty sad...

I'm just hoping, perhaps vainly, that someone from F+F really /is/ checking out the posts of EGL and will
see the inconvenience I've suffered thanks to the shoddy craftmanship of this purse. It was a Christmas
present from a dear friend, and now it is beyond all repair. I can only hope that F+F might be able to
improve the quality of articles like my purse for future consumers.

And so now for the good~ 

The second item I would like to review is a petticoat I purchased, also from Fan+Friend about three
months ago. It is advertised as the 'omnipotent' petticoat, and was about 70$ altogether, which is
admittedly a high price for a petticoat. However, due to the results, I'd say it is well worth the price.

And here it is in all it's glory~


And a top-down view~ 

To get an idea for how much poof-power the omnipotent has, I'd like to show you some before and after
pictures I took wearing this petticoat under one of my suitable skirts.

Here is the skirt without a petticoat. From the front it looks pretty decent, though thoroughly flat from the
side-view. x3

And here is the effect of the petticoat! It goes without saying that it is a huge improvement! I am very
happy with this petticoat and I expect to use it with lots of skirts and dresses in the future. It's elastic waist
is very comfortable and it's fun to wear, as I feel as puffy as a big ol' marshmallow when I wear it~ The only
 real problem I have with it is that it seems to stick out a little too much at the bottom. I don't like my
petticoat to show on one side more than the other, and this one can sometimes clump up on one end, the
other being that the lace hooks I hang it by are flimsy and one is hanging by a single thread, now. (seems
to be a habit of F+F's to sew things shoddily)

I think recommend the omnipotent, though. The major difference between these two purchases is that I
shopped on FanplusFriend's website for the purse and on their eBay for the petticoat. I like eBay a lot
because it gives the customer more power. eBay entitles every customer to give feedback on their
purchases, and feedback scores are displayed everywhere on a seller's page and every piece of
merchandise that seller has up for sale. FanplusFriend has the highly coveted 100% positive feedback
right now, and I can only assume that they want to keep their perfect score very badly. Because the
petticoat was a peasant purchase, I gave them positive feedback for it, however, had I purchased the
purse from their eBay you can bet your buttons their perfect score would have been nicked.

My personal recommendation to anyone looking to buy from F+F is to try using their eBay store first. They
don't have nearly as many items up, but the benefit of having the power to really knock F+F one if they
decide to cop-out on your purchase and deliver something less than what was promised more than makes
up for that.

I hope that this article was useful and not /too/ wordy. I realize I have a tendency to ramble. I'll try to keep
things short in my entries to come, although, for you lolitas who like an informative read, I hope you
enjoyed this! 

As an added bonus I will quickly show a 'changepurse' that my friend ordered along with the pink purse
shown above. The changepurse was originally going to be used for change, as well as to match the purse
(which doesn't help me much now that the purse is scrap, does it?) but I instead discovered that the nifty
little purse fits my ipod touch/iphone perfectly! 

Here it is~

And here it is pictured alongside my ipod! (back and screen) As you can see, it's a perfect fit! Now I no
longer have to fear scratching my beloved ipod's screen when I place it into my purse. Hahaha. At least
one good thing came out of the entire purse ordeal.

I have a new lolita purse in the mail as we speak~ This one is black, but, as we all know, black and pink
go together famously, so it'll be alright, haha~ 
Thankyou for reading~ :3 ♥

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