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Dear Celine Sizing Help~

So I want to order a dress from Dear Celine, item.taobao.com/item.htm this one, but as you can see, they only give bust and length, but I'm a bit concerned :/ my bust is 93cm, my waist is 72cm (in the morning, 75 after eating for the day), and waist to knee is around 60cm (shoulder to knee is 90cm). But I don't know if I should get L or XL! I know the XL gives more room in the bust area, but I don't know if it would be too much and look funny, but the L is cutting it a bit close, since it seems that those are the garment measurements, not body, but I don't mind if the chest is a little tight, since  I'm used to that with most of my clothes, as long as I can get it on, I'm usually fine, and would prefer a little tight to baggy. But which one I get depends on which one will accommodate my waist the best. So those who have an XL or L dress from Dear Celine and feel that their dress fits nicely, would you mind helping me out here? I would hate to order it, but have it not fit when I get it ;A;

(just looked back the the dress, it seems that there is only a L available, but I would still like to know which one would fit better for future reference and to see if the L would fit, since there's only 2 left in the color I want, and I want to act quick)

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