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Postive review for Faerieharp's knitted artworks.

 I commissioned a bunny scarf made by Faerieharp, and she would like to get a review, so here goes!
*Note: this is my first time writing a review, so if I did anything wrong with tagging and cuts such, please let me know*

I had already seen Faerieharp's knitting works before, and when she posted a commissioning topic I was the first to respond!
Link to the topic: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/14969788.html

As the bunny's ears as depicted in the commissioning topic looked kind of like those of a deer to me, I asked if they could be lengthened a bit, with a more rounded top, and that was no problem at all.

She immediately started working and her communication was just excellent during the entire process, as she kept PM-ing me every time she uploaded new pictures of the progress on her crafting blog. The pictures were of good quality and colour resemblance was excellent. I could even pick what kind of accessories I wanted for the bunny, like the size of the bow and such, and again she provided pictures of the different possibilities.
Link to the crafting blog, Chasing the Frill: http://chasingthefrill.blogspot.com/ (look through her history a bit or click the "bunny" or "scarf" tag and you'll see my red bunny scarf coming to life!)

After the bunny was finished she sent me a picture again, I paid her and the little girl/dude was sent to me immediately by tracked shipping, after which it took about two weeks to get to me (which is fair). The scarf turned out to be of wonderful quality, and she even included an extra knitted phone charm thingy as a gift, made from some excess yarn.

The scarf is comfortable, warm and super cute! I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend her.

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