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My Meta JSK Lucky Pack

Hi Lolitas,
hers`s my Lucky Pack Review:

I got the black Bag

I bought a JSK Lucky Pack

First we start with the JSK

It`s a very nice JSK. The colour ist Dusty Pink with small black dots.
It's very good for summer because the fabric is like chiffon.
There are small silver dots too

I like the JSK but it looks horrible on me because of the 3-layerd skirt part.
So I want to trade the JSK for another.Fully shirred is no problem but not with this 3-layered

the next on the list: the blouse

The blouse is very cute and fits a 100 cm bust and a little bit more. It is very stretchy
I think I will take the blouse.

the bloomers

The bloomers are very good and they are antique white. I love the short version.

the Overknees

The overknees are so beautiful but i would trade them for another goodie. No overknees. They look not good on my leg

the necklaces
I got two necklaces
First one is a fleur-de-lis Necklace with black pearls

And the second one a gold necklace with pearls and a meta heart

last but not least: two hair rubber

They are very nice but I want to trade them because I have short hair.

All in all it`s a nice pack but it makes me sad that the JSK doesnt look good at me.
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