dandyhuck (dandyhuck) wrote in egl,

Question about Secret Shop pretties

Hello ladies, I had a two questions about Secret Shop if you would be so kind. I looked through the memories and did a search, but wasn't able to find the answers I was looking for, so forgive me if I missed the entry. :)

I came across a pair of these lovelies on Taobao:

...And was about to go about ordering them when I realized they only came in a very, very small size and that size only. They are only listed on the Taobao page as 'S Roman shoes' and are attributed to Secret Shop. Anyone know whether these were a one-shot deal and now unattainable--or is there a way to get a hold of them?

Also, I noticed that when I went on the Secret Shop Taobao, Judy has only tube socks listed in her shop, and I couldn't find any shoes. Did she stop producing? Or am I just looking through her shop the wrong way? If she has stopped producing, is there anywhere else I can purchase SS shoes?

Thanks for your time and have a lovely night!

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