snoos_the_moose (snoos_the_moose) wrote in egl,

Another Meta lucky pack ~


So thismorning my postman (who i know far to well) delivered to me my meta luckypack!
he looked rather confused by the pink bag with all the love hearts on it :P

I was really hoping for some dark items in my pack, at least a dark bag and necklace.
When i opened it up i saw a pink bag, no biggie, I can deal with that as long as i don't get an all pink pack.

Heres what i got.....


I really have the worst luck lol. 

The chiffon blouse is cute, but  the sleeves are really tight and its very short. I think i will try and trade/sell this.
I really wanted the black bag :(

Poodle skirt in pink..... its very cute details, but i really hate pink.
I hope to trade/sell this.

Poodle bloomers and tote. Again, i want to trade/sell these.
The necklace is pretty, but i want to try and get a black one.

The face washer is the only thing i think i'll keep lol :P
Tags: lucky packs: metamorphose

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