Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl,
Jackie M

MIlky planet pictures - real vs fake( DOL)

Hey i'm not going to write much of an opinion on the topic you can see what the difference via pictures. Sorry really one the glitter doesn't show up in the photos but it's there. Fake doesn't have it. The only major obvious is the pattern on the bottom holes in the print, it doesnt' look as obvious as the black did though,( that were shown in a previous post )and the material is thinner in the replica.

blue is real, purple is fake ^_^

lol fake one the bow came upside down, but it's pinned on lol which i actually like the option but then it never sits perfectly O.o


lace and edges

front bows

buttons and ribbon

inside and built in mini petti

side and sleeve compare ~ should mention the replica is slightly longer you can't really tell in the photo

Tags: *angelic pretty, *dream of lolita, review: brand replicas

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