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A little bit of fun: You know you a lolita when...

I've recently moved out of my house and had to pack most of my clothes away in boxes. It then occurred to me that packed my only brand skirt badly and can't stop thinking about it. It a little silly as I know how to launder quality garments myself (having studies textiles for nearly five years now!) but it still haunts me!
I'm just wondering has anyone else had embarrassing moments like this? Silly little things that make you realise that you a lolita (or been one for a long time)?

So here is my thread to make a list of "You know your a Lolita when". Please add your own. XOXO

Check out these two (1 & 2) entries that are along the same lines

1. When you worry about caring/laundering you lolita clothes more than your everyday clothes.

2. You check if your boobs have finally become smaller, so you can fit VM and MM  Added by kurobara_alice

When you find yourself not only checking EGL, EGL Comm Sales, Ebay, and Y!Japan several times a day, but you get twitchy at work because you can't check them. Added by eristell_neko 

4. When you are packing to move and your clothes take up the largest suitcase but all your books, non-Lolita clothes, and other necessities fit into the smaller one. Added by sparklewolfie 

5. When you buy some things on mbok and tell yourself "okay, no more!" but then see something else cute and tell yourself "but this one is okay, because it's my DREAM DRESS!" and buy that too. Then you have to sell more things. Added by viscuslunasol 

6. When you want to wear Lolita but cant and always want new DREAM dresses to wear. Added by kunoichiyvette 

7. When you value money in how much brand you could buy with a certain amount. Added by sophisteacated 

9. When the mailman recognises how much mail you get from china/japan and inquires about who you know there. Added by sophisteacated 

10. When your tummy gets all warm and fuzzy like Christmas from just looking at Brand dresses. Added by maridoki 

11. You fall in love with kneesocks all over again. Added by maridoki 

12. You see ruffles ( maybe lace ) on a clothing depending on where it is and instantly start to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Added by maridoki 

13. When you can use perfect english and people have no idea what you're talking about. Added by akaanika

14. When you end up personifying Ryugu Rena from Higurashi upon sight of anything remotely cute. Added by harukakamiya 

15 When you think $60 for a new dress shirt at J.crew an egregious ripoff, but yesterday you bought a used one by AP for $80+ and thought it was a bargain. Added by juniorsweet 

16. You know when you are a lolita when you start to discrimibate laces. In everything. Added by rosemarysue

17. When you can't stand "normal" non-lolita clothing that has lace because it's always the cheap, plasticy kind. Added by nirrti_rachelle 

18. When your classmates stare because, for once, you wear jeans to class. Added by nirrti_rachelle

19. When you plan your outfits with the intensity of a four-star general planning an attack during war. Added by nirrti_rachelle

20. Mainstream fashion now begins to seem so unimaginative and boring. Added by nirrti_rachelle

21. You think some the kid's dresses look better than the adult's.Added by nirrti_rachelle You see a public area and go this would be goood for a teaparty. Added by notaloneagain 

23. When you're feeling down, looking at your closet can cheer you up. Added by cherori 

24. When shopping for "normal" clothes, all you can think about is what would be "loliable". Added by daidaipocky 

26. You calculate what you can sell in order to afford ONE new dress. Added by daidaipocky

27. You get pissed at your shopping service because you lost your auction by 10000 yen Added by chiaki_ayumi 

29. when people get diabetes when they look inside your closet Added by chiaki_ayumi

30. when you make a sour face whenever you see rachel lace in clothing, even in regular ones. Added by chiaki_ayumi

31. when you go shopping, your hand instinctly reaches for anything pink. Added by chiaki_ayumi

32. when what may seem like curtain fabric to others looks like a Victorian Maiden dress to you. Added by chiaki_ayumi when a walk-in wardrobe isn't enough. You need the spare bedroom. Added by siucraion 

34. when a dress-form is considered an ornament. Added by siucraion

35. when you argue with someone over whether fabric is off-white, cream, or more of a milk-tea kinda shade. Added by siucraion When you start to talk about a brand (or a certain dress) and no one knows what you are talking about unless they themselves are a lolita, or have known you for a while. Added by kasumicrimson 

37. When your friends/love ones give you cash for holidays because they don't know how to order what you want. Added by kasumicrimson 

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