ayu_ladybug (ayu_ladybug) wrote in egl,

2 Week REMINDER Post! Clam Festival meet-up! Maine/NE Lolitas

Friday Night or Saturday night, or both if we want!

July 15, 16th respectively.
5 PM Either day.

Meet at my house, in Yarmouth. My ~grumpy~ Dad may even drive us up the road (it's a 1 mile walk otherwise) So for the love of clams, WEAR COMFY SHOES! I do not recommend heels b/c most of this is walking, and on grass/dirt. We'll let it slide if you don't have pretty loli shoes! (I won't! I'll be wearing my chaco sandals, meant for walkin')

I will PM my address/phone # to confirmed attendees, since I am paranoid. :D

Make sure to bring CASH. Food vendors can't take plastic. Try to Bring at least $20, since prices on food are seasonal, and based on the market. Clams may cost like $14! or more! I kid thee not. Lime Rickeys run $5-7 I think. I AM WARNING YOU ALL NOW!!!


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