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LA, Vegas and San Francisco Lolitas!

I had a look in the Vegas Loli's comm, but there hasn't been a post since the 4th April, so thought I would post here!
I am going to be in America for three whole weeks, and thought I should meet up with some of you guys!
Read under the cut for dates :)

Im going to be in LA from the 11th til the 16th July, was planning on going to Universal on the 14th and Disney on the 15th and 16th July, I shall be in Vegas from the 19th until the 23rd July, and San Francisco from 26th to the 29th! (Planning on going to BTSSB and AP shops! :D)

If anyone wants to meet up, or if there are any meets planned within these dates please let me know! I have never been to America before ^_^


Sorry forgot to write, will be there in JULY!!

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