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Please help me find Victorian menswear designs

I've been trying to design a Victorian outfit for a male character of mine, but I can't seem to find any interesting and nice looking Victorian menswear that I could use as inspiration. I've tried finding images of Victorian outfits for men on Google images but they seem so boring and plain.  I've tried looking through the history but I've only came across only one link to a blog that seemed to suit my interests but I need more!
Pictures, blog entries, or drawings will work fine for me.
And here's one thing I already found that could help you to see what I'm looking for.

A drawing of OTT gentlemen design

Also: I'm not looking for anything like ouji/kodona/boyish designs. Like something a manly man of the Victorian era would wear but with OTT designs~ I like OTT designs and sexy men in them P:

I'm looking for inspirational designs. Something that perhaps even "costume-y".
It's for a male character of mine in a story that has a dark romantic vibe. It takes place during the Victorian Era in France or Britain. Haven't really decided on the location yet, but still. He's a mysteries man whose an assassin and always found wearing a mask.

I was just hoping that someone has inspirational artistic pictures. Something like¤t=2010-01-19-235929.png
but instead with pictures of Victorian men.
I'm sorry if I caused any type of confusion.

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