burnt_tuna (burnt_tuna) wrote in egl,

Shoes came with out buckles but came with velcro. Where to buy snapsor buckles?

I ordered these shoes from a taobao shop and the description and photos had adjustable buckles, but the shoes came with velcro instead. I asked them to please send me buckles or shoes made the way they were advertised and they said they dont make the shoes with buckles anymore because people were complaining about them being to difficult to adjust.

These shoes are really cute and I have wanted them for a while but the velcro comes undone when I walk, plus I think it just looks stupid unless the straps are tight. I have looked all over the net and my local craft stores but I can not find any kind of snaps or buckles with snaps that are adjustable. Anyone know here I can get some like the snaps commonly used on lolita shoes? or something similar?


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