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Your favorite shopping service?

In the past year or so I've started buying items from mbok and Yahoo Japan Auctions. I've been using Japonica almost exclusively because so many people raved about them here. I have NO complaints - they're really great. Tonight, with an auction on mbok having only about 45 minutes to go, I was outbid (because I stupidly didn't have a high enough maximum bid), so I sent them an email. But I figured I would lose, and was totally depressed. XD About 30 minutes later they replied to my email, and they got my bid in with 10 minutes to spare. Talk about impressive and fast service!

But I'm curious - what shopping services do other people like to use? There are SO many out there, and while I know to stay away from some of them (ex. Celga, because I just hear too many negative things), there are so many other services that I hear are decent. I'm not looking for a shopping service to replace Japonica, but I would be interested in a service that's able to purchase from different shops (like San-x, 6% DOKIDOKI, etc).

So who do you use most often, and why? :D

If anyone has had any particularly bad shopping service experiences that they haven't shared before in a review here, feel free to share them, too!
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