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First skirt made,showing it off and a lil help needed!

Greetings and Salutations fellow Lolis, I come bearing......hope? About a month ago I embarked upon making my first Loli skirts/ jumpers form scratch as many you lovelies have already done. But I did this entirely by hand stitching. *no longer has a wrist* I would like some helpful critique and ideas on both how it looks and whether the fabric I have been looking at is cute. I also attempted a petticoat. It looks ok *ran out of tulle has to go get more.*

The skirt can't be shown worn because A.) Whenever I need a picture of me whole, no one is home and B.) Im too short for the bathroom mirror to do its reflecty thing. So maybe in the morning ill pull out the huge mirrors. Ill edit in a pic of the petticoat as well.

home made petti no worn pics because its sheer and short!

Original Fabric. its black not green, its always looks green on my phone.

Sorta Finished Product. the reason I say sorta is because I'm wondering if I should add another two strings to the front. One smaller and one larger string. Your thoughts?

Close up of the string and buttons
close up of button and pattern I absolutely love the buttons, there were so many nice ones I wanted to buy them all.

Nicer close up of buttons
waist of skirt. it looks slimming! Here's a question though, I've lost some weight and the skirt is alot looser than before even with my test shirt tucked in (test shirt=until I find a truly loli shirt I wear a plain button up) how do I take it in? The waist band is elastic and on the side is an invisible zipper with one of my old tiny bra clasps at the top to hook it closed... resourceful! Should I try and find a poofy shirt?

waist Before I lost weight I attempted to dress up the button up with mini bows but I got irritated. Also idk why I look so....bumpy.

Now here's the big question! Which hair accessory looks better?! I made the bow out of the same material of the dress and stuck on some pre sticky rhinestone things. The mini hat was bought at burlington coat factory. The reasons this is a big deal is because of the accessories that will go with each item, the bow will have owl themed accessories from Charlotte Russe and the hat will have pearls from both Charlotte Russe and real pearls from my own jewelry box.

It also impacts otk or stockings choice.

Bow Worn

Hat This hat reminds me of Ciel Phantomhive. That's not why I grabbed it though!
Hat worn. Sorry if it seems like I'm staring into your soul but my eyes looked real tired so I did the doll look lol.

I plan on wearing this and the dresses I'm still working on to the lolita meet ups at Otakon.

Here are the other two fabrics I'm looking at.
ribbon print the print is actually some kind of ribbon thing sewn about straight and into small flowers. Both this and the next one are supposed to be high waisted skirts (under the bust).

Favorite Print. I love this one but it was slightly expensive and I decided to wait.

Here's a question, would this look good as a sweet jsk? I'm. 50/50 because I can see the potential but I also don't wear sweet. cute

Also would this look good on kodona?, again I have no experience with that genre so my friend wishes me to ask (my hat she wants to wear it). Kodona?

Thank you for any and all replies I've only bought and commissioned outfits, never made them from scratch myself. So any help is alot of help.

Lots of Love,

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