tiffanystardoll (tiffanystardoll) wrote in egl,

Casual Lolita Art?

I've been pretty inspired by lolita for a while now, and often my work has a lot of lolita influence to it.  My latest piece isn't quite as super lolita, but I thought it might be something lolita's would appreciate?  It's summery casual loli!

So here is hoping that you guys enjoy it?  I'm always open to critique!  She was a little inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style and very casual loli. A jumper without a shirt under, yikes? haha.

Here is a close up.  The color is a little more accurate in the closeup.  Surprisingly the full size piece was taken with a really nice camera and the close up with my iphone.

Oh yeah it's made of regular old Acrylic paint on wood panel.  I don't post here too often but have before so sorry if this seems repetitive, but if you'd like to be friends on FB, find me here:


Let me know what yall think? <3


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