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Does Anyone Know Anything about this Kidsyoyo OP?

About a month ago, I was browsing Kidsyoyo's taobao shop when I came across a stunning, high collar OP that I instantly fell in love with. However, it appeared to be out of stock.

Just the other week, it reappeared on Qutieland here:

There are only three teeny-tiny pics accompanying the listing (is that collar pink? I don't even know), and one of them is of the headdress. There's not pictures of the back of the dress (although it appears to be lace-up), nor of any other colorways. While the light blue is pretty, navy and brown are my two favorite loli colorways so I'm a bit conflicted. I can't find it over at Kidsyoyo's taobao shop either :/ It looks like a restock, though.

Does anyone know anything about this dress, own it, or have seen it around IRL? And generally, how do Kidsyoyo's dress sizes run -- are they a bit big, a bit small, or just right?

Thank you for the help, it's a gorgeous dress from what I can tell, I just don't like buying anything online without knowing exactly what I'm getting!

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