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My Baby the Stars Shine Bright horror story - Super fun update!

Hi all! I got an entertaining reply from Baby last night, so I thought I'd share it as a follow-up post:

"The shoe size might be different according to the design.
We suppose that such a damage will not be gotten if it doesn't rub strongly against something.
We’re sorry but we cannot take the responsibility for the damage caused by customer's method of using.

If we have received a lot of similar complaints from other guests,
we think that this case should take the consequences by us.
But we have never received the same complaint from other customers.

If you wish to threaten us, you should write anything you want freely on the community site.,
but if it includes the contents that apply to the discredit to us, we must sue you.

We feel very sorry that you are doing an unjustified demand to us very much.

My eyes are rolling so far back I am starting to get a headache.

Original post:

Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, discussion: consumer ethics

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