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SOLVED! Thanks! :) Need help finding my dream dress: Vanilla-Chan round JSK in mint

SOLVED! Thanks! :)

Hello lovely lolitas of egl!
I recently got a job and having been working and saving like crazy in order to buy my dream dress.
My problem is, they seem to be all sold out on the Angelic Pretty online stores.
I also haven't bought brand before, so I am unsure of how to go about it.
Would anyone know of 'go-through' stores that sell it? Those stores who buy the dress and sell it on their own shops website? I don't know what those types of shops are called. :P
Would it be worth while to post on EGL comm sales?

I would really love the round mint JSK, but if that happens to be impossible, I will possibly settle for pink.

I am very sorry if this is a rather 'dumb' question, or it isn't appropriate for the egl comm. I was a bit dodgy about posting on the comm sales just yet as I don't yet have a feedback page. I have searched EGL and couldn't find anything related, but if there is and I just hadn't come across it I would be very appreciative if you let me know!

Any help or advice will be appreciated! :)
Thank you in advance!

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