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JCPUNK(ebay) shoes review

I just received my "Lolita tea party babydoll shoes 2022-3" in Pink from the ebay seller jcpunk ^ ^ So please enjoy my review~
**image heavy**

Communication: 5/5, was very very fast!
Shipping: 5/5 Fast also! Shipped 6/11/11 from Shanghai, China and arrived 6/17/11 to California
Price: $64.99 w/shipping
Overall: Very good, this is a positive review im happy with the shoes although they have a few imperfections they were epected cuz I asked them to make them ASAP for my upcoming convention ^^ I paid for them on 5/29/11 and they were finished and shipped by 6/11/11~

heres the package that the shoes came in, as you can see its ripped and not in great condition. But I dont think it affected the shoes.


 it comes with a detachable bow~

 the bow has a sharp thing that helps it latch onto the shoes, hoever they leave little bumbs in the shoe when you put them on~

 on the inside of the heel, its not very noticable when worn but it makes me wonder if the shoes will last long ^ ^"
 The seams are visible and the "glue" is  visible~
 the heart-cut outs are poorly made in some areas( some havent been cutout completely, others are very jagged)
 same here, its kinda sloppy >_< but you cant really tell when worn~

 there's creases all over the shoes, but they are not noticable~

 the front of the shoe: the sole of the shoes is crooked and kinda bumpy~

 the seems are visible here too, and the shoe and the platform are not very well aligned~

 the back of the shoe~ the seems are crooked and so is the heel to the shoes~

 the inside of the heel~ the glue is visible, and parts of it are chipping, but its not really noticable when worn :)
 Again, the cutouts are sloppy, but i think they can be fixed~
the sides of the shoe are very sloppy and look a bit like cardboard >_< but maybe some painting over it will fix it~
 this is their label~

 came with a thank you card ^ ^

Overall, Im happy with it although it has imperfections, its my fault since I asked for super quick making and shipping time ^ ^" I will buy again from them in the future :) Hope this helped anyone thinking about buying from their shop! Thanks for looking! ^ ^

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