Michi (michi_michuu) wrote in egl,

 (x-posted to ca_egl) 
Hello egl! I've always been into lolita but I've just recently got back into it :) I've always been curious if there were any lolitas in my area and I've finally gotten up to searching. So are there any lolitas that happen to live in the Modesto, Salida, Ripon, or any nearby town?

I live in Salida which has about a population of 18,000+ and is mostly country land. If there happens to be one or two lolitas in my town I was hoping we could exchange numbers or chat online and eventually meet once I feel comfortable enough +___+ Thank you!!!

(I know egl isn't California based but since there are more members in egl which is also more active I figured I might get more of chance of finding someone! Hope that's okay~)

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