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One Day in Paradise x Illamasqua Lolita Transformation & Shoot, featuring GPK

On the 29th May, 5 lolitas, a mori girl and Gothique Prince Ken gathered at Illamasqua in Myer Melbourne, Australia to have their faces transformed by the counter team for the photoshoot with Richard Ibrahim at Como House.

The event was organised by One Day in Paradise, who was initially asked by Richard to organise a shoot featuring the local community. However when Illamasqua jumped at the chance to do our makeup, we were blown away! The video is just below, and onwards to some photos of the event and shoot! The complete collection of makeup counter photos are here, and the complete collection of shoot photos are here.

The event was attended by members of the Melbourne community who managed to get up to be there at 10am for 3 hours of makeup and socialising! Violet LeBeaux made an appearance, as did Brad of Level 3, Channel 31 and xelyna , who just moved to our community from Brisbane.

We started out by having our faces done...

And then mingling...

We attracted a lot of attention from passersby, especially mothers with children and baby boomers XD ... there were some people more our age up and about though...

a shot at the end of the event with people who stayed...

Then it was on to Como House in South Yarra...



Liza & Stephanie




Us under the tree...

...and all together at the end.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated for making the 29th one of the best days of my life.
The best birthday ever!

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