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Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

Magazine adverts! Behind the scenes photos of the models!

Hello all! ♥
Thought this would make a fun picture hunting post.
I always thought it was pretty interesting to see the green screen, or a glimpse of the set and props behind a model when they snap a phone photo for their blog during a photo shoot. :D
So time to dig out those hard drives/tumblrs!

Post pictures of models before and after a shoot for a magazine!

Here are my contributions to get the ball rolling...

Angelic Pretty x Amo Enchanted Castle.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie.
(Scan courtesy of thevisual_beast)

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly.
(Catalogue courtesy of iomoo)

If you only have a picture of the edited photoshoot, or just the behind the scene shot on its own, feel free to post the photo too! Maybe someone else might have the other version of the picture you're looking for (^^)

I'd be super interested to see if any brands beside Angelic Pretty post behind-the-scenes photos of their photoshoots!

Good Luck & Have fun! ☆

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