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Size labels in Baby Dresses (and Blouses)

Sorry if this has been done before, but I checked memories and search and tags and couldn't find it.

Does anyone know when Baby started using size labels with hearts on them? I was in SF Baby the other day to pick up my tiara and was browsing the blouses and noticed that there were some blouses with labels under the brand label with hearts on them--one had one heart, another had two. I asked the shopgirl what they meant and she said one heart was small, two was medium (which I thought odd since most stuff in the store is medium and does not have these labels), three was large and four was LL.

I went home and pulled out my Baby JSK which is LL and there was the four-heart label.

When did they start doing this? I am asking because I have 2 Baby blouses that are allegedly size L but don't fit me even though they are fully shirred, and do not have a label with three hearts on it under the brand label. If they have made L-size items that do not have heart labels, then whatevs, but if these are actually size M I need to go fix my eBay listing ASAP, although I did list stretched and relaxed measurements for the blouses so I can't actually get in trouble if people don't read this information :/ :/ :/

ETA: After reading comments I called Baby in SF. I was told that some of the older L-size items might not have a size label, and that if the measurements I took were accurate, they probably are older L-sizes. Which is a relief since you can't change the title on eBay listings with bids on them. I did put all of this info into the listings.

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