Angelic Pretty USA (angelicprettyus) wrote in egl,
Angelic Pretty USA

Angelic Pretty USA will particpate AM2 Convention

Convention season upon us and it is in full swing!
Those of you who checks out event calendar probably had a heads on this up coming event
We are proud to announce that we will be participating in AM^2 this July 1 - 3
at the Anaheim Convention Center, located in Anaheim California.
This is a free event, no badge or tickets are necessary to attend and shop.
Our booth numbers are 1518-1419, front and center. See you at AM^2!
Details our at-con activities, and specials will be posted in our calendar.
If you do not know where to find our event calendar, it is located in the lower left hand side of the shopping site.
For more information on AM^2 convention, please visit

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