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NYC: International Lolita Day at Kinokuniya June 4th


Come celebrate International Lolita Day in NYC at Kinokuniya Bookstores on Saturday, June 4th from 12:30 - 4PM. Featuring girls from the local Lolita community. There will also be a raffle following the event (one entry per person).

Below is a tentative schedule. Stay tuned for more updates.

12:30-1PM Inside Tokyo Rebel – See what’s up and coming at Tokyo Rebel. There will also be a special announcement.

1 – 2 PM West Meets East
Aly of Miss Lumpy and Tina of Ramble Rori
Everyone knows that Japan is the birthplace of Lolita fashion and lots of other hot street fashions, but what's it really like? Aly and Tina discuss what the fashion is really like in Japan: how its followers differ from us, how they're similar, what's going on there now,
and tips for those who are planning on making the pilgrimage to the Land of the Rising Sun.

2-3 PM Salutations! Ever had a tourist ask why you're dressed like a Victorian doll? Do you be polite, be nasty or walk away? Nancy and Chris guide you through meetups, common situations that occur while dressed in Lolita, and how to appropriately respond and react to them.

3-4 PM Glacee: A Maiden's Primer
Aly of Miss Lumpy and Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita
Print magazines are very important to the world of Lolita. While there have been a few wonderful attempts at an English-based magazine before, a small group of bloggers decided that it was time to create a print magazine for lolitas, by lolitas. This panel is about Glacee, a brand new not-for-profit lolita magazine and how it works, what its goal
is, and how everyone in the community can get involved- even you!

4PM Raffle Drawing. Win items from AmaranthOpulent, Pretty Pop Designs, Tokyo Rebel, macarons and cookies from Financier, and many more.

Kinokuniya Bookstores
1073 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018
(212) 869-1700

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