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Fanime 2011 Meet Up Photos


This weekend was the 18th annual Fanime Convention in San Jose, CA.

On Sunday, the Lolitas had a(n attempted) picnic and Fashion Show.

I tried to get photos of everyone at the meet-up, but I know I missed some people, however, it was incredible just to be able to socialize with such a beautiful group of Lolitas, greet old friends and make new ones.

The group was so huge, the person taking photos for me couldn’t get us in one shot.

And then, the Sweet Group~

The Gothics

The Classics

We also had a group of Snow Bunnies

Some of the Gals did a jump shot

And some twins

A Kuro&Shiro

Vanessa, the meet-up host, in a hand-made dress.

She had originally planned for us to have a picnic/potluck, but we got shooed out for having food that wasn’t convention/hotel food… However, later on, one of the convention heads came out and apologized to us, saying that they were going to try to arrange something for next year because she didn’t think it was fair that we weren’t allowed to eat our sweets XD

And now, Individual Shots~

I don’t know everyone’s names or SNs, but everyone was lovely…. There were so many people I know I missed quite a few Lolitas but I did my best. 

Opposed to a shoe shot~

I loved how this girl OTT’d her hair *_*

One of the Lolis and I bounded over our Kira Imai badge art

And then, my Central California group found each other to get our photos

My girls went to go take PuriKura pictures together. We found another Lolita inside~

Our pics

AatP re-released this dress and I ordered it immediately, got it in the mail shortly before the con. It was my dream dress *_*

Then later in the evening, we were getting ready for the fashion show…

A staffer of mine took photos inside but my camera quality wasn’t great, but I know other girls got much better shots and way more of them so hopefully they’ll be upped soon.

Everyone after the show…

And on Monday, one of the volunteers in my department sketched a chibi-me without my awareness XD

It was a fantastic (but long) weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I do hope someone uploads better, more complete photos from the Fashion Show.

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