Cerridwen Storms (rose_n_carousel) wrote in egl,
Cerridwen Storms

Sugar Bomb: Back with a derp

So, after a long hiatus due to being sick, doing a con and having to catch up on a lot of school work in between, I finally got up a new post about wa-lolita, as well as a j-fashion and print raffle and leftover convention merch.

All that aside, though, as I'm getting my life back in an organized and more active fashion, I wanted some advice on a couple of ideas:

I have a twitter for the blog, from which I've recently removed tumblr spammage, but now I'm thinking of making an affiliated Tumblr because I'm an addict for quick looks at inspirations, random related doodles that don't really have a subject matter to go with, and the ask box function and submissions, both of which can later then be featured on the formal blog posts. I considered setting up a facebook page, but I don't want to over do the social networking, and I think that the tumblr over all would be better, but I wanted feedback first before I set one up.

Thanks in advance!
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