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Pilsen: A city of sweetness


Hey girls! Since Czech lolitas rarely  post to  EGL, I decided to  share with you guys  some pretty  pictures from our Saturday´s Sweet Lolita  Meet-up  in  Pilsen, Czech Republic. Pilsen is a  beautiful  historical  city in western Bohemia,  very far from  the place where I live, but I decided to go anyway , because I wanted to see all my beloved loli  friends from Bohemia!  The  trip  was totally  worth  the long journey,  it was  great  fun. The dresscode was  "sweet lolita"  and  everyone  pulled it off  in their own  way  very  nicely!  Anyway,  pictures time! Enjoy!

Beautiful  OTT/deco lolitaholic  wonderlandharu 

Myra, who  does not have a LJ account - or at least I think she doesn´t XD

miuri_kun aka  Maxe posing for a accessories  shot !

Rouwi , who  does not have LJ either, I believe

taurwen_vanima making faces because of the sun XD
Too bad I don´t have any close-up  of her,  she has quite a  few  awesome  tattoos  and piercings!

 My little self, wearing new blue  contact  lenses for the very first time! It was so nice to finally  rock  lolita without  glasses
-  even though I love my  glasses  XD

Take a good look at this pic,  so many  things going on here, it´s almost absurd!  In the backroung,  KK is posing for a photographer,  in the front  miuri_kun showing her Metamorphose JSK for the camera,  Rouwi  licking veni_chan ´s face and me (you can see my hands with the camera)  taking a picture of it.  So random!  I love this snapshot! 

Rouwi and veni_chan  being  cute and goofy

From the tallest  - wonderlandharu to the shortest -  me!  I am  only  5´1´ ...yay for hobbits!

And that´s pretty much it!  It was a  great day and everybody had a lovely time.  Hope you  guys  liked these pics, feel free to comment!  Thanks  for watching *_*
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